A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created in the Zero Engine In roughly around two weeks. In it you use Screen Wrapping to warp around the edges of the screen to solve puzzles.

It takes about a half hour to complete if it's your first time.  And if you want a serious challenge on your second play through try the time trial.

The music was made by NTX9.

Install instructions

Download and extract the exe. Be aware that since the Zero engine is very new your anti virus may scan it before running. Also keep in mind the first time set up may take some time depending on your pc, so please be patient.


Screen-Warp.zip 68 MB


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That was pretty fun. I agree, the mechanics are pretty cool and I'm interested where you go with it.

This might be localized to me, but I noticed a lot of screen tearing when I was moving the avatar. I don't know if the zero engine supports v-sync, but because the game is not very demanding in terms of system requirements, it might be a good idea to turn v-sync on.

Unfortunately I don't think it does. At least I don't think it does natively.  As of right now extremely bare bones engine, although it did just get released to the public a few months ago so maybe it will soon.

If it does at some point I'll definetely use v-scync.


cool mechanics. can't wait to see more!